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Zumba Dance Classes in Ludhiana.-9815141543 Who would not like to dance away their blues? To this old adage, we can add ‘Dance away your ‘calories’ and ‘fat’’ too! This is exactly what Zumba can accomplish for you just as it has already helped millions of people the world over. Catchy beats, groovy rhythm and a high level of energy marks the Zumba workout which was founded by a Colombian dancer, Alberto Perez. It quickly became a rage in the fitness fraternity and soon spread across different countries. Zumba classes in Ludhiana is not just a fun workout but contains elements of samba, hip-hop, salsa, mambo, merengue and maybe even some local dance styles. Amalgamated into it are lunges, squats and other exercise routines. This ensures a complete workout including resistance training. Also varied competency levels have been taken into consideration as there are classes of several levels. Higher age groups with lower exertion levels have a separate class designed to their need to help them improve posture and build strength. In total, there are nine types of classes targeting various groups. Whether you want to strengthen your legs, tone your muscles, work on your abs or have a full body workout, you can find a Zumba class for any of the above. Aqua Zumba, a refashioned style of Zumba is performed in the swimming pool. Participants follow the instructor’s routines in shallow water which promises to be a whole lot of fun! Zumba Circuit merges dance with circuit training while Zumba Toning tones your muscles to give you a sculpted look. There is also an interesting chair workout called Zumba Sentao. Because kids should not miss out on the fun, Zumba Kids is designed for children of ages 4 to 12. The best part about this workout is that it is safe for all age groups. The routine is enjoyable, the music is extremely upbeat which, in itself, infuses your body with a strong feeling to dance. A Zumba class is assured to be a lively and an energetic place with a cheerful vibe where time just flies and you lose a great amount of calories without even realising it! Those who claim to have two left feet need not be nervous as the routines are easy to follow. If you need a change from your usual workout or you just want to join the party, Zumba is certainly the answer!
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